RRS105 Frames

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Colour Options

 RRS105 [C1 Gun] FramesC1 Gun
 RRS105 [C2 Gold] FramesC2 Gold


  • 100% Pure Japanese Titanium
  • Beta Titanium
  • Inline Glazing
  • Mazzucchelli Acetate
  • Polarised Lenses
C1 Gun
C2 Gold

Design Team Notes

The ultimate in refined masculine style can be found in this classic, rectangular aviator model, RRS105.

  • The larger eyesize of this model offers luxury as well as great coverage and enhanced wearer comfort
  • This frame is made from a Japanese titanium with the eye front made from beta and the temples from pure titanium
  • C1 is a sleek gun, enhanced by warm Mazzucchelli tortoiseshell tips
  • Also featured in gold, C2 is elevated by contrasting Mazzucchelli black gloss tips
  • This model’s lenses are PC polarised; C1 is paired with a modern graduated grey and C2 a solid grey/green