RRS103 Frames

Colour Options

 RRS103 [SLV] FramesSLV
 RRS103 [GLD] FramesGLD


  • Brushed Metal Finish
  • Green/Grey Solid Lenses
  • Inline Glazing
  • Japanese Beta Titanium
  • NXT® Polarized Lenses

Design Team Notes 

Ultra-light and sleek, RRS 103 is a thoroughly modern, highly-stylised aviator machined from a single sheet of Japanese Beta-titanium. A double top bar features stylish cut-out detail that sets itself apart from any other designer aviator style. Choose from brushed gold metal accented by stylish matt tortoiseshell tips (GLD) or brushed silver metal with gloss black tips (SLV).



A vital consideration for a driving brand, state-of-the-art NXT® Polarized lenses offer the wearer unhindered viewing, high-definition vision, superior colour clarity in all light conditions and complete UV protection. Super-lightweight, NXT® Polarized lenses are also impact-resistant and benefit from hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-reflection coatings.