RRS101 Frames

Colour Options

 RRS101 [GLD] FramesGLD
 RRS101 [BLK] FramesBLK
 RRS101 [SLV] FramesSLV


  • Green/Grey Solid Lenses
  • Grey Solid Lenses
  • Japanese Titanium
  • NXT® Polarized Lenses

Design Team Notes 

Signature model RRS 101 is the ultimate frame choice for the stylish wearer, with an on-trend round eye shape, featuring a contemporary top bar. The frame exterior boasts a premium, uni-directional brushed treatment that adds a masculine feel, whilst the frame interior has a highly-polished finish. RRS 101 is available in three highly-desirable colourways; silver, gold and matt black.


A vital consideration for a driving brand, state-of-the-art NXT® Polarized lenses offer the wearer unhindered viewing, high-definition vision, superior colour clarity in all light conditions and complete UV protection. Super-lightweight, NXT® Polarized lenses are also impact-resistant and benefit from hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-reflection coatings.