RRS106 Frames

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Colour Options

 RRS106 [C1 Gold] FramesC1 Gold
 RRS106 [C2 Black] FramesC2 Black


  • 100% Pure Japanese Titanium
  • Green/Grey Graduated Lenses
  • Grey Solid Lenses
  • Mazzucchelli Acetate
  • Polarised Lenses
C1 Gold
C2 Black

Design Team Notes

The ultimate eyewear icon in a modern interpretation of the iconic aviator style; this premium metal frame is composed of 100% pure Japanese titanium.

  • C1 features in a luxurious gold dual finish, with a mix of polished and brushed texture
  • C2 is a sleek black with dual finish; the polished outside edge gives a premium feel
  • Both colourways are supplied with Mazzucchelli acetate tips
  • The innovative temple design features a subtle surface change giving the clean lines a two-tone look
  • A technical supra-glaze creates an exoskeleton frame with a seemingly floating lens, enhancing the sleek aesthetic of this frame
  • Both SKUs are fitted with polarised PC lenses; C1 is paired with solid grey/green and C2 a cool solid grey