JNB 401 Frames

Colour Options

 JNB 401 [C1 Black] FramesC1 Black
 JNB 401 [C2 Khaki] FramesC2 Khaki

JNB 401

  • FluidFlex Hinge
  • TR90
  • Titanium-P
C1 Black
C2 Khaki

Design Team Notes

Tailored design and contemporary materials come together in this super-lightweight technical model. Seamlessly integrated within the titanium temples, pioneering FLUIDFLEX hinge technology naturally grips and flexes for ultimate wearability. For self-assured style, the featherlight TR90 eyefront delivers sweat resistance, extreme durability and maximum comfort against the skin. The 55-size rectangular eye, has been thoughtfully developed to suit a number of face shapes and in masculine tones of Black (C1) and Khaki (C2).

Cold glaze only. Please do not use alcohol or solvent based cleaners.