JNB 402 Frames

Colour Options

 JNB 402 [C1 Navy] FramesC1 Navy
 JNB 402 [C2 Tortoiseshell] FramesC2 Tortoiseshell

JNB 402

  • FluidFlex Hinge
  • Jensen Black
  • TR90
  • Titanium-P
C1 Navy
C2 Tortoiseshell

Product Design Notes

Developed in high-style tones of navy and gunmetal (C1) or tortoiseshell and black (C2), this technically advanced model fuses fashion and form in every sense. Seamlessly integrated within the titanium temples, pioneering FLUIDFLEX hinge technology naturally grips and flexes for ultimate wearability, while the super-fine, featherlight matt TR90 eyefront delivers sweat resistance, extreme durability and maximum comfort against the skin. The rectangular eyeshape offers maximum appeal, tailoring this frame's silhouette, enhancing a number of face shapes.

Cold glaze only. Please do not use alcohol or solvent based cleaners.